Indigenous Tourism Australia

Sit Yarn Listen Learn

We combine 30 years of tourism experience with 10 years of indigenous tourism mentoring to help indigenous individuals and organisations establish a viable tourism business.

Specialising in fishing tourism, we are award-winning in this market.

Through our guidance and mentoring, we connect you to the tourism resources and the experience at our fingertips. Our goal? To help your idea grow into a successful business for the benefit of future generations.


Consistently work within tourism and indigenous communities to uncover new product, specifically but not restricted to fishing, unearth new ideas and connect passionate people to the resources they need.  Understanding the delicate balance between a good idea and the multi-level agreements necessary to proceed, is paramount to collaborative success.


Sit, yarn, listen, learn.  These are the principles of connecting to the Traditional Owners of the Country we have been welcomed to stand on.  Always be reminded that we are the visitor and we have a lot to learn about an important elder, a particular mob or a unique individual.  Understand that the idea is theirs and we are simply the conduit, offering connections and skills, yet never losing sight of the ownership of the idea or the product.


How do you develop a new product? You start at the end! What does the product look like? How will it make people feel? Who is the guest demographic? Who is the face of this product? Who will manage and promote this product? How will we cost this? How will this be marketed? Who’s looking after the finances? How will it present on social media?  Sounds like hard work? Well, it is! But with the guidance of a tourism professional with over 30 years of doing exactly this, it’s going to be worth it.